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MultiMarkdown Composer 2.1 beta

Change Tracking

MultiMarkdown Composer has its own special tools to make CriticMarkup even easier. Simply turn on "Track Changes" in the "View" menu, and start making your edits. If you delete something, it will be flagged as a deletion. Start typing, and it's an insertion. Select something and replace it --- substitution. You don't have to know the CriticMarkup syntax - Composer takes care of it for you. It even prevents you from accidentally "messing up" the syntax by protecting the markup characters.

You can then use the Change Panel to view all of the edits in your document. You can quickly navigate up and down through the document to view your changes, and can easily accept or reject as many of the changes as you like.

Document Comparison

Ever get a modified version of your document back from a collaborator, and have no idea what they changed? Or perhaps you continued to work on your document after sending them a copy, and now you have two versions that are different.

Composer can easily compare one draft of a document with another, and will automatically generate the CriticMarkup syntax to show your the difference.

Simply open the "new" copy of your document. Then select "Compare to other file..." in the "File" menu. Choose the "old" copy of the document in the Open File dialog, and a new window will be created showing you the differences between the two. You can then use the Change Panel to resolve the discrepancies and move forward with your masterpiece.

CriticMarkup and the Preview Pane

Fletcher has done some fancy tricks to allow Composer to show you the final version of your document in several ways. The "View->Preview CriticMarkup" menu offers several choices:

  1. Highlight Differences - the preview pane will show insertions in green with underlining, and deletions in red with a strikethrough. This can be customized with CSS. Note: this version may generate invalid HTML. For example, the following example has one "opening" of italics, but two "closings." Clearly, this will cause problems when generating HTML.

    This is *text in {--italics* and--}{++emphasis* but++} not bold.

    It is recommended that you use CriticMarkup with the text document itself, and with the preview in Composer, but that you resolve the changes (accept or reject) before exporting. Otherwise you may get invalid documents that won't open.

  2. Original version - show the original document by effectively "rejecting" all changes when creating the preview.
  3. Changed version - show the modified document by "accepting" all changes.
  4. Disabled - ignore CriticMarkup when creating the preview; the syntax will just appear as is.

CriticMarkup Toolkit

We’ve put together a few tools to make editing with CriticMarkup a little easier. For help using CriticMarkup with the applications below, click a link.