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CriticMarkup was created by Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess in early 2013 after they struggled to find a plain-text-friendly collaborative editing workflow. Realizing that such a thing didn’t exist, they foolishly set out to build it themselves.

The project has since grown wildly out of control and the duo are now hanging on for dear life. Gabe is still recovering from wounds he incurred in battle with the CriticMarkup Regex. The scars will haunt him for the rest of his days.


Gabe Weatherhead

Gabe is the force behind, a website focusing on Mac and iOS-related material with a slant towards the technical.

He’s also the creator of NerdQuery, a site-specific search engine for nerds like you.

Gabe followed a reverse wagon trail from California to Boston many years ago, and has been everything from a mechanic’s helper monkey to a research scientist. He’s spent over half his life in school, leading to a PhD that he no longer uses. He likes science, beer and computers (not in that order). Most of all he likes showing people things they might find helpful.


Erik Hess

Erik is a web designer, illustrator and part-time fighter pilot living in Carson City, NV.

He left the Navy in 2010 after thirteen years and two combat deployments (in the F-14B Tomcat and F/A-18F Super Hornet, respectively) as the senior Landing Signal Officer for the Atlantic Fleet. He’s now a partner at high90, a web application design firm he founded with Bob van der Clay in 2005.

Erik is also co-founder and Director of Training at Carrier Landing Consultants, the world’s only (and least-busy) Landing Signal Officer and Carrier Operations consulting firm.

Erik writes occasionally at The Mindful Bit and rebuilds it on a new platform every few weeks to avoid doing real work. He has the privilege to continue serving as a pilot in the US Navy reserves, where he pretends to be a bad guy in the F-5N Tiger II.



We want to thank several contributors to this project that provided both technical and real-world perspectives. Critic Markup exists in the current form because these awesome people took time out of their busy lives to help us make this project a reality. Thank you all.

Will Oemler

Fletcher Penney

Jonathan Poritsky

Michael Schechter

Jason Snell

Brett Terpstra

Bob van der Clay

Federico Viticci

Yuvi Zalkow